Ayurveda: Honey – The Natural Healer

The ancients have lengthy thought of honey as considered one of nature’s most exceptional items to mankind. Not solely is honey thought of a sweetener however as an alternative is revered as a pure product with excessive dietary and medicinal worth. Honey incorporates sugars like fructose, glucose, maltose together with proteins, fat, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

“It promotes the healing process.” 


The Natural Healer…

According to Charaka – a prolific creator of the classical texts of Ayurveda, honey is a type of components which will be taken each day. These classical texts go on to state that every one the organs within the physique reply favorably when honey is eaten as indicated.  For instance, honey is assumed to own a particular high quality known as “yogavahi” which permits honey to penetrate into the physique’s deepest tissues. Likewise, honey has “lekhana property” which suggests being able to scrape out ldl cholesterol and fats explaining its reputation as a weight loss treatment.

Dr. Oz Discusses Why Honey Is Healthier Than Sugar

The Health Benefits Of Honey
“Honey originates from flowers having different tastes and potencies. Honey is considered the best ‘Yogavahi‘ – catalyst substance, carrying the properties of medical drugs added to it.” – Ancient Wisdom

Here are simply a few of the well being advantages of honey:

  • improves digestion [agnideepanam]
  • improves the complexion of pores and skin [varnyam]
  • heals wounds and sure pores and skin illnesses [shodhanam ropanam – kushta]
  • improves imaginative and prescient [chakshushyam]
  • good for the guts [hrudya]
  • penetrates into deep bodily channels [sookshma marganusai]
  • useful in managing diabetic and urinary tract illnesses [meha]
    … and far rather more!


Generally, the consumption of honey shouldn’t be greater than 4-5 teaspoons every day considering one’s total state of well being and digestion.

Types Of Honey
Ayurveda has categorised honey relying on the kind of bee which collects the honey and the qualities which the honey possess.  The following sorts of honey embrace:

Makshika. This honey is collected by small honey bees and is taken into account the most effective sort of honey with immense medicinal properties. This honey possesses gentle and dry qualities and is helpful for kapha situations.

Kshoudra. This honey is collected by medium sized honey bees and is characterised as being gentle and chilly and described as having the ability to dissolve kapha.

Pouttika. This honey is collected by bigger bees and collects honey from the nectar of toxic flowers. This sort of honey is thought to extend vata and situations resembling gouty arthritis.

Bhramara. This honey is sticky in nature and picked up by massive bees.

Chatra. This honey possess heavy and chilly qualities and regarded as helpful in gout and situations of irregular pores and skin pigmentation resembling vitiligo.

Arghya. This sort of honey is described as being good for eyes however could trigger arthritis.

Oudalaka. This sort of honey is described within the classical texts as being helpful in pores and skin illnesses, and helps in bringing about readability to the voice.

Dala. This sort of honey is dry in high quality and has been described as serving to to cut back nausea and vomiting.

“Nothing is so troublesome as ama [indigestion] attributable to
the improper consumption of honey.’

– Charaka Samhita

Honey is pure and thought of innocent for adults. However, pediatricians strongly warning in opposition to feeding honey to kids underneath 1 12 months previous. Ayurveda additionally explains sure precautions for the usage of honey.

  • honey shouldn’t be heated nor utilized in situations of extra warmth
  • honey and ghee are thought of incompatible when utilized in equal quantities – by weight.
  • honey and sesame oil are additionally thought of incompatible in equal quantities

This is strictly for training functions and never thought of medical recommendation. Always first search the recommendation of your main care doctor earlier than contemplating any new well being routine. Also, take particular warning in opposition to feeding honey to kids underneath 1 12 months previous.

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