Ayurvedic Sweet Dish Of Children

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) PhD.
Every Ayurvedic meals preparation has explicit intention in addition to well being advantages. Other than the flavour and nutritious advantages, it’s designed to fulfill explicit class of individuals. Some could also be for aged and few for girls. Some are explicit to being pregnant and relaxation few are for kids.


Here is a preparation by identify Visyandana from Traditional Ayurveda, particularly for younger youngsters that too whose tooth are but to erupt.

This Ayurvedic candy deal with may be very mushy, soothing and reasonably candy so, it’s reasonably appropriate to the kids of 6 months to 2 yr age group. It doesn’t imply that it isn’t appreciated by different age group. Pregnants and outdated aged individuals too prefer it regardless that much less appreciated by adults.
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Classical reference


Method of preparation:
Equal quantity of milk and curd are taken and cooked properly.
When it’s diminished to half of its authentic quantity, cooked purple rice (made into high quality paste), sesame seeds, black caraway, jack fruit seed powder and seed powder of lotus are added and cooked additional.

Meanwhile ghee and sugar sweet are added with equal quantity to that of milk and cooking is sustained until it’s semisolid.
Fine powder of flavoring brokers like ginger, pepper, lengthy pepper, camphor and many others could be added and on thorough mixing it’s taken out of fireplace.
This is unfold in a tray and made into slices/items on cooling.
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Word which means

On correct cooling the moisture and ghee oozes out of the ultimate preparation and therefore in all probability the identify Visyandana is given for this candy recipe.
Instead of rice, wheat or ragi can also be utilized by some individuals.


Qualities and Action:
This is good, unctuous, heavy, good for coronary heart and nutritious in nature. So it’s utilized in vata and pitta dominant circumstances.
This is undoubtedly very nutritious candy for kids.
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