Sudhapara-Classical Sweet And Its Qualities And Health Benefits

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) PhD.
Today we’re designing new candy preparations to fulfill the demand by public. Due to fixed and secure preparations persons are fed up and thus want new taste and kind. 

So, modifications are being carried among the many present candy dishes. Instead of this, it’s smart to carry into follow the age outdated classical preparations.


Sudhapara is one such classical candy preparation defined in Bhojana kutoohala textual content. Even although such a preparation just isn’t present in candy market however comparable preparations may be discovered.

Classical reference


Method of preparation:
Maida or dried coconut powder is taken and sieved.
To this equal quantity of sugar sweet and ghee is added and blended totally.
This is rolled into bolus of Amla (goose berry) dimension.
As per classical textbooks that is saved in a silver tray and closed.
This must be positioned in sunshine for 1-2 hours.
When its outer floor simply breaks, it seems to be like blossoms of jasmine flower. This is taken away from sunshine and served immediately.
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Aphrodisiac, balances pita and vata, appetizer, nutritive, imparts good luster and complexion and good for eyes.

Indication and software

Those who’re affected by paittic problems are suggested to take this. Especially these with herpes and blisters precipitated because of summer time warmth, that is appropriate. As it’s aphrodisiac this may be advisable in oligospermia, decreased sexual libido and so forth.
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