Ayurvedic Chakli (Murukku) Qualities And Health Benefits

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) PhD.
Chakli (Chakkuli) is a spiral snack with crispiness and a really distinctive style. It is common throughout India. Shashkuli is the Sanskrit title of this snack. Few name it as Murukku additionally.


Though authentic check want rice, now a days these spiral snacks (Chakkal/chakkuli/chakli)are ready utilizing palak, methi, onion, potato, tomato, pepper, carrot and so on too. Also variability is present in form and dimension in addition to oil used.
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Even although texts refer to make use of sesame oil, individuals from Kerala use coconut oil, in Gujarat mustard oil, in Karnataka sunflower oil, in Maharashtra palm oil and in different components varied refined oils are getting used whereas making ready such snacks. So relying on oil used its high quality modifications.

Classical reference

Preparation methodology

Both rice and black gram are taken and fried individually. This is made into positive powder and blended properly. To this little curd and ghee (or butter) is added and blended properly to acquire the dough. While making ready dough salt, cumin seeds, sesame and so on will also be added (some add water or candy buttermilk within the place of curd). This is rolled in spiral method utilizing Chakli machine. This appears to be like like  Chakra (spiraled circle) of 3-4 spherical. This is fried in ghee or oil and saved on cooling.

Qualities and Action

Energizer, appetizer and engaging, heavy for digestion, anti flatulent and carminative.
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Wider utility

As it’s carminative and laxative, it won’t trigger distention of stomach not like different snacks or fried eatables when taken in correct quantity. So, it won’t trigger any hurt in younger youngsters even when taken frequently.
Even although black gram is referred within the classical texts whereas making ready chakli, in villages some add inexperienced gram, ragi or wheat flour. According to the ingredient added and oil used its high quality could also be altered.
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Old aged individuals with out tooth additionally take pleasure in Chakli by soaking and softening it with curd!

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