Sweet Tukdi Qualities And Health Benefits

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) PhD.
Shaknakarpali is a standard Ayurvedic candy dish talked about in Bhojana kutoohala textbook. It is excessive in vitamin, helpful for acquire weight, to battle fatigue.

Word that means

Due to the actual diagonal form resembling the eyes of Lord Shiva (Shankara), possible this is called Shankhapala, Shankarpole or Shankar phala or Shankarapali. Due to its look just like damaged items that is known as Tukdi or Tukda additionally. As it’s candy in style that is referred as Sweet Tukdi additionally.
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However it’s fairly fascinating to notice the classical model of this candy with its classical advantages.

Classical reference

Preparation methodology

First of all, wheat flour is combined with little ghee and later thick dough is made by including sufficient water (some add little curd, butter or banana fruit additionally). This is pressed somewhat and skinny plateau is made. It is reduce into items in Shringataka akriti (diagonal form). These items are fried together with ghee and dipped in sugar syrup.
After 10-Quarter-hour it’s taken out and picked up.
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It is nice, unctuous, heavy to digest and attractive in nature.
It balances pitta and vata, aphrodisiac in addition to nutritive in nature.

Indication and utility

As it’s nutritive, it’s indicated within the people who’re emaciated and lean.
It is nice in Vata and Pitta issues comparable to gastritis, hyper acidity, headache.
This is a advisable eatable to realize the load in addition to to extend the majority of the muscle tissue.

Its different spicy variant can also be well-known. Especially in Karnataka, the candy and spicy variants are ready collectively and loved with night snacks.
The spicy variant is ready with identical dough with somewhat pink powder chilli addition. The spicy selection balances Kapha dosha and might improve Pitta Dosha.
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