Idli Health benefits, Method Of Preparation As Per Ayurveda

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) PhD
Idl, Dosa, Ghewar and so forth are the Indian conventional meals recipes that are often most well-liked in morning breakfast; particularly in South India. They are on the spot energizers, nutritious and extra over they’re hygienic, and wholesome eatables on account of correct cooking in steam or with the contact of direct warmth.


Many are nonetheless not conscious that these are the classical recipes and every eatable has the classical reference particularly in Ayurvedic texts like Sushruta samhita, Yogaratnakara and so forth.

Classical reference

Idli / Idly / Idali

Its classical title is Avantika or Rasavati.

Preparation technique

Black gram flour and rice flour are taken collectively and combined totally in water. This is saved in a single day (in villages each pulses and grains are taken collectively and soaked for few hours and later floor properly and saved in a single day).
This is taken and combined as soon as once more for uniform distribution; imply whereas amount adequate salt is added for style.
This is taken in a Idly maker or steamer and subjected for steaming for 20-Half-hour. On correct cooking that is taken out and served.

Green gram will be substituted to black gram as per the textual content; however such a observe is restricted to sure temples and in few particular rituals.
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Aphrodisiac, tasty, carminative, heavy for digestion, blocks the channels or will increase the secretions within the channels, on the spot nutritive, will increase kapha.
Indication and utility:

Classical texts suggest it in Vataja problems, particularly in emaciated circumstances of power nature, muscular dystrophy, distention of stomach, constipation, gaseous tumor, bleeding problems and so forth.


In Sanskrit it’s named as Doshaka.

If the identical dough is made into skinny by including extra water and poured over the Dosa pan, classical Dosa or Dosha is prepared.

Now a days as per the liking it’s roasted, made thick like bread consistency. Few add curd whereas making this skinny dough. Few like so as to add ghee or butter over the dosa; accordingly its high quality will be assumed.
As per the adjuvant/facet dish used identical has acquired the completely different names like Masala dosa, Bread dosa, Mysore masala, Spice masala, Paper masala and so forth.

Quality and actions

It is much like the Idly or ghevar. However it’s talked about that it’s will increase kapha, energizer, heavy for digestion, tasty and nourishing and bulk enhancing.
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So good to know classical qualities and advantages of the meals recipes whereas having the style of it!
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