Swimming and Your Period: Gross or Go For It?

We’ve all been there earlier than: you spend months planning the right seashore trip stuffed with absorbing solar rays and feeling the waves crashing in opposition to your pores and skin. You put in your cute new bathing go well with, lather up the sunscreen, throw in your sun shades and hat, and head to the seashore. Everything appears nice till you arrive and discover you introduced an sudden customer together with you: your interval.

Sure, your interval could be annoying, particularly if you get it a bit early simply in time on your trip. However, there isn’t any motive to permit your interval to spoil the enjoyable of your trip plans. You can nonetheless take pleasure in the entire actions you had deliberate together with swimming. Swimming in your interval is completely secure, and really helpful to your well being. Here are 5 myths about swimming in your interval debunked.

Myth: It’s not secure to swim in your interval

Fact: There isn’t any motive to worry swimming whereas on you interval, as it’s fully secure. Water doesn’t get inside your vagina if you swim no matter whether or not you will have your interval or not.

Myth: I can’t use female merchandise once I swim

Fact: You can – and you need to. Pads won’t be the best choice, since they’ll take in water until they’re soaked, and may get weighed down or fall out. Plus, they could be seen by your bathing go well with.

On the opposite hand, tampons are handy and secure to make use of in water. They are unlikely to fall out. And so long as you tuck within the string, you’re unlikely to have a trend emergency. Just bear in mind to alter your tampon no less than each 4 to eight hours or as usually as your doctor recommends.

Myth: Swimming will worsen my cramps

Fact: Swimming can really assist to alleviate cramps brought on by your interval. This is as a result of if you train, your physique releases endorphins which act as your physique’s pure painkillers whereas additionally providing you with an elevated sense of well-being, which is one thing that’s usually briefly provide throughout your time of the month.

Myth: The solely factor I have to deliver is a tampon

Fact: You ought to deliver a water bottle, too, as you might be extra liable to dehydration when you’re in your interval. Hydration is affected by estrogen and progesterone, hormones that fluctuate proper earlier than and throughout your interval. This means it’s extra essential than ever to be sure you are consuming sufficient.

An added alarm bell: Dehydration can hit swimmers onerous, too. This is as a result of swimming tends to trick your mind into considering you’re hydrated since you might be surrounded by water. In addition, since you may be lined in water, it could be tougher so that you can discover that your physique is sweating, which may additional dehydrate you.

Another essential merchandise that you need to deliver when you plan to swim exterior is oil-free sunscreen. This is very essential when you’re liable to breaking out, since sunshine and durations can each improve your threat of breakouts or worsen present zits.

Myth: If I swim within the ocean, I’ll get attacked by sharks

Fact: Sharks don’t care whether or not or not you will have your interval. Yes, it’s true that blood attracts in sharks. But menstrual blood isn’t simply blood—it’s additionally product of mucus, secretions from uterus, and different elements. There isn’t any proof that sharks are drawn to any of them.

Also, sharks aren’t simply drawn to blood, but additionally the amino acids present in blood. Those acids diffuse once they hit the water. If you’re nonetheless frightened, go for swimming in a pool or in shallow water, the place sharks are much less prone to make an look.

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